Sizing Charts

Australian Bedding Sizes

This is where you need to know your Sheet!.

When purchasing bedding products it is critical that you get the sizing right. This is even more important when buying online as bed names and sizes may vary between countries. The sizing for several multinational companies who have recently entered the Australian market are also not always consistent with Australian sizing.

Australian Mattress Sizes (width x length cm)

Cot Bed: 69x130cm (may vary between manufacturers)
Single Bed: 92x188cm
Long Single Bed: 92x203cm
King Single Bed: 107x203cm
Double Bed: 137x188cm
Queen Bed: 153x203cm
King Bed: 183x203cm
Super King Bed:       203x203cm


Australian Quilts and Covers - Sizes (width x length cm)

Cot Bed: 100x130cm
Single Bed: 140x210cm
King Single Bed: Use double bed
Double Bed: 180x210cm
Queen Bed: 210x210cm
King Bed: 245x210cm
Super King Bed:       270x240


Australian Sheet Sizing (width x length x depth)

Size Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet
Cot: 76x136+20cm 140x170cm
Single Bed: 91x193+40cm 180x254cm
Long Single Bed: 91x203+40cm NA
Long Single Bed Mega:    91x203+50cm NA
King Single Bed: 107x203+40cm 200x274cm
Double Bed: 137x193+40cm        228x254cm 
Double Bed Mega: 137x193+50cm NA
Queen Bed: 152x203+40cm 245x274cm
Queen Bed Mega: 152x203+50cm 285x274cm
Queen Bed Delux: 152x203+60cm NA
King Bed: 182x203+40cm 285x274cm
King Bed Mega: 182x203+50cm 300x274cm
King Bed Delux: 182x203+60cm 330x285cm
Super King Bed Mega: 204x204+50cm 300x274cm
Super King Bed Delux: 204x204+60cm 330x300cm

Sizing may vary slightly between brands.

Pillow and Pillowcase Sizes (width x length cm)

Standard: 48x74cm
Queen: 54x80cm
King: 50x90cm
European:     65x65cm
Junior: 46x66cm
Body: 152x45+18cm
Tri: 75x75cm

 Sizing may vary slightly between brands.