Finding The Best Towel For You

Believe it or not, there's more to the humble towel than you think! Different qualities and features can create a very different towel experience, so it is important to know what you like and choose carefully.

Towel Terminology Explained


GSM refers to the Grams per Square Metre, or essentially how heavy the fabric would be per square metre. Towels with higher GSM are thicker and more absorbing, but do take longer to dry, so it becomes a matter of personal choice.

Brushed Cotton

A cotton fabric that is brushed to remove any excess fibres, leaving it feeling softer and more luxurious.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton is a long staple cotton, whose length enables it to be spun into longer and softer yarns, that are also more durable. Towels containing Egyptian Cotton tend to be softer and more absorbent.

Loving Your Towel - Care Instructions

Before Use

Before use, prewash your towels seperately in cool/warm water (no detergent). This will remove any loose fibres and dust that may have collected during manufacture and transport.


Wash towels in cool/warm water with liquid, or pre-dissolved detergent. Limit the use of fabric softener as this can coat the towel fibres and limit its absorbency. Towels are best washed separately, so that they do not create lint on other clothing.

TIP - If your towel has become less absorbent try washing with a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle, this may assist in stripping away any build up of detergent or softener on the towel. It can also assist in colour setting any dark fabrics.


A warm tumble dry achieves a soft finish.

Do not "over dry" on high heat or in the hot sun, as excessive heat exposure can damage the fibres and reduce softness.

Loving Your Towel Daily

The chemicals in some beauty products can affect the colour of towels over time, so be sure to rinse carefully before drying. Always hang your towel up between use to prevent mould and mildew developing.

Important: These instructions are general advice only. Please check the specific care instructions on your individual towel for more specific advice.